why did the church sponsor universities?

why did the church sponsor universities

The Education Act is using the word sponsor about the university schools which were previously managed by churches but later left for the local authority to manage them. The local authority has been empowered in appointing of church manager who is the sponsor in the area served as people wished religious traditions to be always maintained. The sponsor in the university schools is, therefore, holding some duties in the respective universities. Their functions are including:

Urgent Need for Evangelization

In early days, the church was an expression which was significant for various pastoral concerns. It was born with an idea of linking the schools’ development of the set up of the schools in the middle ages. The church today is still giving the same kind of nourishment in universities in the proclamation of faith. The synthesis concerning religion and culture is a great concern not only addressing culture but faith too? The faith which is not resulting in becoming a person’s culture is a faith which does not have deep fruits. Sponsors are teaching this kind of faith with the expectation that the students are going to live according to its doctrines. The presence of the church, therefore, cannot be in any way limited to scientific and cultural contribution. It must be offering an opportunity which is real for one to encounter Christ.

Involved in Construction

The church is sending sponsors on behalf of Christ for evangelization. Evangelization may be through words or actions. Sponsors, therefore, contribute to the construction of universities building as a form of evangelization. By this, they sent a message to the learners that they should also in the future be helpful to those in need. Within the university, the church involves itself in various pastoral actions such as evangelization. Through this, the church is capable of entering into dialogue with Gods real people. Congregations and religious orders also acct as sponsors in universities intending to bring a specific charism in the university. By the diversity and wealth of their charism, they try their best also to promote education charism. They are always contributing to the formation of students and teachers who are Christians. For the sponsors to end up being influential and accepted, there must be a good quality of whatever they are trying to pass to students. This is, therefore, calling for the pastoral effort, which is adequate and also creativity.

Instilling Discipline

Church sponsors are also present in the administration of discipline. This is because all universities have rule and regulations which are formulated regarding what the church sponsors regard as right or wrong in their doctrine. They are therefore working hard in ensuring that students are keenly following church doctrines and also punish those who go centrally with what is expected from them. Conducting Religious FunctionThere comes a time when universities have set days for prayers. In such days, the church sponsor is called upon to conduct prayers. This occurs typically during universities prayer day and also when praying for their students to pass in their exams. During graduations, the sponsor is also at most cases called upon to conduct prayers.


The church sponsors are people carried with great respect by institutions as whatever they say matters a lot in school administration. Therefore there is a need of giving them the full respect they need.