what is a church key?

what is a church key

The word “church key” was common to people born in the 1890s. Today, few of the current generation have any idea of ​​the meaning of “the church key.” What is the church key?The church key is a simple device, manually operated to move the lid of a glass bottle, this type of closure was invented in 1892, although there was no evidence that the opening was called “church key” at that time. Now, we are talking about 1930 – 1960 as a time frame for this jargon used to establish a common bottle opener. Many of the previous generations can remember when all the beer came in bottles and did not have any type of twisted caps, but they were narrow capsules that required a special type of tool to open them. This traditional bottle opener is called the “Church Key”, and is made of metal with a round or oval hole where it will capture the bottle cap. Then, you can hit hard and the cover falls gracefully on the floor. The shape of the bottle tools was unique, which reminded many people of the handles of the old keys used in decorative doors. He usually finds keys similar to those used to open church doors. In general, they were quite large and, therefore, the bottle openers were known as “church keys.” Around the 1930s, beer was bought in cans instead of the usual bottles. The box itself also requires a special tool to open. The well-known can drag marks will not be invented until about 1962. This familiar can tool was a flat metal strip consisting of a sharp point that you can press on the top of the can to try to drill a small triangular hole in the bottle. The procedure is usually repeated on the other side of the box as well. This will allow air to enter the can and allow you to drink without problems. These openers have also been considered “church keys” although their shape is slightly different.

Bottle caps used in beer bottles are known as crown corks. This name is derived from the ring around the edge that resembles a series of pointed notches around its circumference. William Pinter invented this particular glass lid in 1898. His original company, Crown Corks and Seal Company, located in Baltimore, still works today in a variety of aluminum cans. So, the next time someone mentions the presence of a church-key, the concept is not bad for entering a local religious institution. So why was it called a church key? According to Jane Pergo of BellevilleSome, people may describe their beer as the nectar of the gods, so the main opening of the church became uncomfortable in their favorite Brusque cult. Although this explanation may not be precise, it certainly alludes to the two most popular origins proposed for this seemingly strange title. For those who are not familiar with the term, the opening that was associated with the “church key” was a simple device used to spy on the opening of a new type of bottle closure invented in 1892. It is believed that in 1900 patented a new bottle open that resembles a simple large key.