How Old is Linda Church?

How Old is Linda Church

Linda Church is a long-term serving American anchor. She began her career pursuits in Florida, Gainesville, and worked for the media stations in New Haven, Cleveland, and Charleston. Besides, she worked for WNBC for three years (1987-1990) and later joined WPIX from 1990-1996 as a weekend weather anchor. In the year 2000, Linda co-hosted the show, ‘Summer Fun for Kids,’ together with Mat Garcia, then later in 2007 with Craig Treadway.

The talented journalist is an experienced and valued weather anchor. Having been participating actively in the weather forecast for decades, she received recognition by the American Meteorological Society. Since Linda kept holding the banner of weather broadcast for an extended period, the American meteorological body considers her as an excellent character in the arena of weather reporting.

Previously, Linda forecasted weather for the PIX11 morning news that was also the Emmy-Award Winning Show since its introduction in 2000. It explains why Linda, the meteorologist, received an acknowledgment as well. Having spent most of her years in broadcast journalism, with over 20 years working at PIX11, the reporter retired recently.

The weather anchor is charming with an admirable personality. Most people connect her face with a beautiful smile. Despite being 59 years, she maintains a commendable body figure with a great skin tone that rhymes with those of the younger ages. Her talented feature, plus an overly high persona, causes most people to pursue her personally. Many others follow Linda’s undertakings through her social media pages. They want to stay updated with her life ongoings; especially because she retired, and no longer appears in media channels.

Born on June 12, 1960, Linda life portrays healthy quests. She is 5 feet and 10 inches and weighs 58kgs. She talks about utilizing her free time for hobbies such as; horse riding, jogging, doing yoga, and spending moments with Arty, her puppy. She focuses on remaining young and healthy. Nothing limits the former media icon from being the vibrant Linda that she has always been. Besides, the retired weather broadcaster advocates the North Shore Animal League America, where she sometimes serves as the spokeswoman.

As much as her age may seem advanced, Linda still embraces modern life. Her charming personality, career pathways, and lifestyle bring out a better portrait of who she is. The model lives and stays young. She worked in various organizations, gained much of life’s experience, but still maintained her charisma to date. Due to an excellent reputation and broadened skill, she has a high net worth.

Despite working with colleagues of younger age, no one could tell the difference in terms of quality work. Linda remained vibrant, contributing to effectiveness at her workplaces. It is the reason why her goodbyes at PIX11 in 2017, raised emotions amongst her work colleagues. They all remembered her excellent performance in every work engagement and felt that they would miss her presence. She proved that age is not a limitation and that you can achieve whatever you desire despite the years lived. She attests that it is the life in your years that counts, rather than the years in your life.