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Your ideas are sought for strategic slanning
UUCC wants you! – Nominating Committee seeks candidates
Book Table needs volunteers to stay open
Green Sanctuary Team plans many activities
Appreciation for the UUCC Grounds Team

Your Ideas Are Sought for Strategic Planning

Imagine. Imagine UUCC fully living its mission of radical welcome and deep connections. What would inspire all of us to fulfill our calling as prophets to this faith, this church as we move UUCC forward to help heal the world?

Where would we best do our work? At our current location? In various locations throughout Boone County? On-line? With two Sunday services? One Sunday, one Wednesday service? Seeding fellowships throughout Missouri? Expanded Religious Education opportunities? Publishing? Creating UUCC enterprises? Ministering to the wider world? Wider social justice actions that lead to some of us being arrested? :)

How can we help ALL our ministries achieve the specific Ends as defined by the Board of Trustees? What do we need to better achieve these Ends?

Ends Statements:

1. UUCC is a warm and rich community. We live our radical welcome by inviting all who hunger for deeper connection into a mutual journey of growth and transformation.

2. UUCC embodies courageous love by challenging ourselves and working with others to be the change we want to see. Together we move outside our comfort zones as we work for Justice and to help heal the world.

3. The members and friends of UUCC join with other congregations and groups in Columbia to work passionately for social change. In particular, we lead in the struggle for LGBTQ rights, distributive justice, and environmental sustainability.

4. Our members and friends of all ages, abilities, beliefs, and life experiences are seriously engaged with a lively process of faith formation, and their lives are marked by increased wholeness, inspiration, hope, and courage.

5. UUCC nourishes a spirit of curiosity and open, reasoned, and critical inquiry.

These questions will be explored through the Strategic Planning process. With Board President Mary C. Denson leading the work, and her team of Peter Holmes, Qhyrrae Michaelieu and Maria Oropallo, the first step, talking to ALL of you, is currently under way. A number of cottage meetings have been scheduled to have a facilitated conversation exploring these ideas. In this first go around, we will be collecting your thoughts on what works, what doesn't work, why they work or don't work, and how we should proceed.

Some cottage meetings have already taken place. Those still scheduled as of Oct. 26 are:

  • Sunday, Oct. 26, 3-5 p.m. - Allie Gassmann, host

  • Thursday, Oct. 30, 7-9 p.m. - Roth Mead, host

  • Saturday, Nov. 1, 10 a.m.-noon - Jack Clark, host

  • Saturday, Nov. 1, 7-9 p.m. - Diane Suhler, host

  • Sunday, Nov. 2, TBD - Ellen Thomas, host

  • Tuesday, Nov. 4, 7-9 p.m. - Steve Scott, host

  • Thursday, Nov. 6, 9-11 a.m. - Jamila Batchelder, host

  • Saturday, Nov. 8, 7-9 p.m. - Pack Matthews, host

  • Wednesday, Nov. 12, 7-9 p.m. - Mary Denson, host

  • Friday, Nov. 21, 2-4 p.m. - Jan Swaney, host

Some people have already signed up. If you need to check your calendar, you may contact Maria Oropallo or Mary Denson to let us know which meeting you can attend, and we will sign you up.

We are trying to limit the sessions to 8-10 people, for a two-hour time period. So let us know soon.

Remember, imagine!

– Maria Oropallo, Strategic Planning Task Force member

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UUCC Wants You! – Nominating Committee seeks candidates

The Nominating Committee is beginning its efforts to identify candidates for the Board of Trustees to stand for election next spring and wants to submit a slate of candidates representative of the congregation.

In addition, the Nominating Committee is seeking one or more members of the congregation to join the committee and is looking for delegates to the MidAmerica Region Assembly April 17-19, 2015 in Naperville, Ill., and the UUA General Assembly June 24-28, 2015 in Portland, Ore.

Please contact Steve Scott (442-1865 or email) or Jan Swaney (864-0435 or email) if you are interested in helping lead the church during these exciting times.

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Book Table needs volunteers to stay open

Avid bibliophiles are needed to be on the Book Table Team and take it over! The Book Table will close as of Dec. 1 if no one steps forward to run it. See Fran Reynolds at the table on the last two Sundays of November, or contact her at

All books are on sale through November. Books on UU, parenting, raising UU kids, meditation manuals, etc. are available. Great books by our own Wayne Anderson also are available, plus many other “good reads.”

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Green Sanctuary Team plans many activities

The Missouri Rural Crisis Center has two important upcoming events. The Green Sanctuary Team invites UUCC members and friends to join us at a press conference on Thursday, Nov 5, time to be announced. Then on Thursday, Nov. 6 there will be a hearing with the Department of Natural Resources at Hatton-McCready Middle School regarding a proposed hog CAFO. Time will be announced later. Details of these events are still being worked out, but please mark your calendars. Supporting small farms requires strength in numbers! For details contact Lisa Guillory by email at lisa.a.guillory

What happened to the compost pail in the kitchen? Although we had good intentions the last few years, the compost in our church compost bin was not routinely turned and cared for, and the compost was not being used. Fortunately, the City of Columbia uses a bioreactor to compress garbage, creating methane gas, which is then used to produce electricity. So, in a way our kitchen scraps are contributing to electricity for our community. The GS Team felt this was a good alternative for our kitchen scraps – put them in the garbage to be composted by the city.

But we have future plans: The GS team will be in collaboration with the Grounds Team to work on water, compost, and edible landscape projects to help us earn GS accreditation.

Many thanks to Vic Myers and Patty Daus, who spearheaded a project to provide plastic recycling for the types of plastic not currently recycled by City of Columbia. These plastics will be delivered to a business in Millersburg that makes plastic lumber. A cedar wood enclosure is being built on the west side of the church property which will house a large container for plastics 3 through 7. Stay tuned for first date of plastics drop off!

The GS Team is sponsoring a vegetarian cooking class from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6. The class, limited to eight people, will focus on cooking for consistent participation in “Meatless Mondays.” For more information contact Lisa Guillory by email at

The GS Team is sponsoring an upcycling project to make re-usable/washable cloth shopping bags from old t-shirts and old fabric. There is a plastic box under the coat rack for your t-shirt and fabric donations. The bag sewing date is to be announced. For more information contact Janice Smith by email at

Our next meeting is at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 25 at Lisa Guillory’s home, 300 S. Glenwood Ave. If you have an interest in all things “green,” please join us.

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Appreciation for the UUCC Grounds Team

The church grounds give the first impression our visitors have of our community.

On Saturday, Oct. 18, the following spent the morning trimming grasses, weeding, cutting and poisoning invasive honey suckle, sawing down branches, loading branches, etc.: Jan Swaney; Carol Arnold; Patty Daus; Ramzie Siebuhr, Melissa McConnell, Hazel, their daughter, and Ethan their son; Peter Holmes; Jeremy Milarsky; and Jeanne Murphy.

Please thank them for their efforts when you see them next!

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